The truth about testosterone boosters and other magical pills that promise high testosterone

I will cut to the chase: we are hardwired to believe in silver bullets, in secrets that promise fast results and impossible paradises. And many scammers prey on it.

This is not different when we are talking about low testosterone.

Only someone that has been there knows the suffering (many times, silent suffering), the pressure to perform, the anguish of a paradise lost where you were younger, stronger, healthier and with a powerful libido. It may seem a bit over the top, but it’s true.

And in those desperate times, you know how it is. If someone says to you that horse shit cures your ailment, you will buy it and you will ask where to get more.

Many testosterone boosters and magic pills are this horse shit. They promise that your testosterone will go through the roof, that it’s a proven formula or that some secret ingredient from the Himalayas does the trick. And you pay an arm and a leg for something that won’t work.

Because it won’t work.

The truth about suspicious supplements

This is the thing, if some substance is not controlled and it’s perfectly legal, it won’t have the same effects than testosterone prescribed by a doctor or illegal substances (a.k.a. steroids), period.

They are legal for a reason, because they have been studied and they don’t do much (if anything). If they did, they would be controlled substances, believe me.

Oh, but some strange ingredient that they extracted from the testicles of some fish in the Pacific Ocean does wonders, it’s only that doctors just don’t know.

Well, fairy tales again, I can tell you. It’s the same trick with hair restoration, erectile supplements or dietary shit.

The need for a holistic approach

Besides all this, if you are reading this, you are interested in increasing your testosterone naturally. That means without becoming dependent on some extraneous substance that costs 30 dollars a piece.

Besides medical prescriptions or illegal ways (that I strongly advise against), this is the only way that works. And, best of all, it’s sustainable, you won’t depend on some dark supplier and you won’t need to sign a new mortgage.

In the testosterone book, we see that the approach that works encompasses:

  • Diet.
  • Exercise.
  • Rest.
  • Mindset.
  • Lifestyle.

Let’s be grown men here. You can not expect results if you are eating crap 90% of the time and then you eat some Brazilian berry (or whatever new stupid thing they are selling these days) and that, magically, it will undo the damage and will skyrocket your testosterone.

We want this to be true, but it’s not. That’s not the way anything works in the real world.

There are not magical solutions and pills. Maybe there will be some decent supplements that will help, but they tend to be overpriced, their effects wildly vary from person to person and they only work, a bit, if you have some deficiency in one of the ingredients (for example, if you are zinc deficient, a very common situation nowadays). And above all, if you don’t fix your diet, your sleep or your sedentary habits, they won’t do anything at all.

Besides that, it’s not sustainable.

What would you prefer? Recovering natural high levels of testosterone because you fixed the important things and you can maintain them naturally until you are (very) old or being dependent on some external substance?

If we want natural high testosterone, we must fix all the important things, we must become real warriors and no warrior was made taking a pill. Not a legal pill at least.

And yes, it takes time and it needs work. What a surprise. Some will read this and they will turn their backs looking for an easy fast way. But there is none and that’s okay. All valuable things take effort.

Let those magical pill chasers go broke pursuing another scam. Meanwhile, we are eating real food, we are moving again like it was meant to be, we are resting, regaining our natural healthy state and increasing bit by bit, our testosterone.

And above all, we are keeping it high until our last day.