The Testosterone diet in a nutshell

What diet increases testosterone?

In the testosterone book we talk about all the main influencers of our testosterone. We must focus on a global change, because if we want to really increase testosterone, we cannot do some things and ignore others. One of those main influencers of our hormones is diet. Diet has a huge impact in our levels of testosterone, so we must get it right, no matter what.

The thing is, as we saw in the superfoods and testosterone article, diet must be a way of eating. If we think that we can stuff ourselves with crap and balance that with some magical food that promises to increase our testosterone, we are doomed to failure. Diet here does not mean caloric restriction either, it means to regain eating like we are meant to.

The problem with diets

When I started to worry about diet and nutrition years ago I found everything confusing and contradictory (and very misleading in some critical issues). Luckily, the necessary changes to optimize testosterone are easy as pie, so knowing what to eat is not complicated and won’t interfere other dietary goals that you can have (like staying fit and healthy), on the contrary.

Best of all, you won’t be counting calories or making lists of strange allowed foods, it’s a lifestyle full of rich natural meals and delicious things, once you start with it you won’t have to worry.

In the testosterone book everything that we are going to see is fully explained and proved, but let’s sum the optimal diet that increase testosterone.

1.- Go easy on sugar and carbs to avoid constant insulin spikes.

Refined flours and every industrial snack are out of the table. Remember, if it comes in a bag or a box is not a good sign. I’m not talking about a low carb diet, but we are eating too much sugar nowadays and we have insulin spikes all the time. That leads to metabolic syndrome and diabetes, two natural enemies of our testosterone. In fact, too much insulin means lower testosterone.

2.- Avoid fast food.

Anything deep fried is out of the question and avoid trans fats like the plague until they disappear forever.

3.- Tons of veggies must be present in your shopping cart and in every meal.

That will add substances and vitamins that we need for our goal.

Cruciferous (like broccoli) and green leafy vegetables are a must, so no excuses if you want to see results. Remember, they are one of our best weapons against too much estrogens.

Make salads (with olive oil), steam them, eat them raw… pick your preferred weapon, but have veggies every time you eat. This is very important.

You can not go wrong with veggies (soy being the exception, it’s a very estrogenic food, so it’s out).

They will give you critical vitamins, antioxidants and substances so healthy that you will want to kiss them before you eat them.

4.- Eat meat, fish and eggs.

If you cut carbs you can eat some fatty meats or fish (like yummy smoked salmon). You will raise your testosterone and get thin in the process, really.

We need energy and if we don’t take it from carbs we will take it from fat, and because more saturated fat will improve testosterone, something that it’s been proved again and again, you will be a “fat-burning, muscle-building” machine, instead of getting fat and depressed because you don’t even eat real food and you crave sugar constantly.

5.- Milk (whole), butter, nuts, other dairy products and olive oil (virgin)

They will help in our cause of high fats and needed vitamins, but don’t go overboard here, I think common sense is the approach and you won’t eat sticks of butter as your main dish, right?


Ok. I thought so.

If milk is not easy on your stomach, lactose plays a role. Look for lactose-free milk in your grocery store.

6.- Everything is better when grass-fed.

But if you can not afford it, don’t sweat it too much, you will be better with non grass-fed than with refined carbs.

7.- Avoid vegetable oils

Olive oil (virgin) is the exception, but better if you don’t use vegetable oils in order to maintain the optimal Polyunsaturaded / saturated ratio that is crucial to our testosterone, as stated in the testosterone book.

Especially don’t heat the oil.

8.- Garlic will help, use it to cook.

My brother used to eat it raw years ago when he read something about how healthy it was. It is healthy and I could smell my brother from miles away. Pointing my nose in the right direction I knew beforehand when he was coming to visit.

9. – Fruit is ok, but don’t go “all fruit all the time”.

That will do no good, because, in the end, it is sugar with water (and yes, vitamins and antioxidants, that’s because fruit is ok and sweets are not). It depends very much on the fruit, but berries must be your preferred choice, if it’s season, eat as much as you want.

10.- Cod liver oil is good.

And maybe you will need to supplement with zinc if necessary. But, be careful, if you feel cod liver oil thinners your blood too much, don’t take it.

11.- Alcohol is as out as you can, especially beer.

And especially binge drinking. We are going to talk about that in the future, but You can slash your veins now if you want.

12.- Cheat once a week or once in a while

But try your best with excessive drinking. You know, life is there to enjoy it. A friend’s mother bakes a chocolate cake that must be what they serve in heaven and it will not kill me, on the contrary. If you are on holidays with your family or it’s your birthday, my opinion is: “don’t be a diet fundamentalist” (and a downer).

You will eat healthy most of the time, so you can afford cheating, you deserve it and it won’t mess with you because it will be the exception. But remember, make it really an exception. Besides that, binging every once in a while on sugar and fast food can be even better for you hormones.

If you take a look you will see a diet that has it all (but grains) as the main components, and everything is natural, not coming from a box with a trillion of conservatives. It’s eating real natural food, it’s not complicated and it’s based on eating almost everything that’s natural, increasing animal fats (yes, they play a main role in testosterone creation).

In fact, it is what hunter-gatherers or ancient cavemen and warriors ate. And it’s no coincidence again that, if we want to be like testosterone-driven warrior hunters, we must eat like them, and leave the donuts out of the equation.