The myth of “superfoods” that increase testosterone

Superfoods that promise to increase our testosterone to the moon, and beyond. I get it, we are humans and we are deeply attracted by shortcuts and silver bullets. We want to believe that there is some berry hidden in the Brazilian jungle, or some oil from the Himalayas that will magically restore our testosterone.

But this is the truth, I don’t worry about superfoods, because superfoods just don’t exist. So my recommendation is: stop looking for superfoods and magical remedies.

You can see that this study or that study show that pistachios increased testosterone by a 17% or so and you think, “great, it’s only a matter of eating pistachios”, ginger or whatever “food of the day” that appeared in the “article of the day”. Well, 17% of zero is zero, so if you have low levels, you follow a crappy diet, you don’t move and your sleep is not great, no amount of superfood is going to fix that.

You are pushing down your testosterone with an unstoppable force because you eat pizza every day and your exercise is playing video games on the couch. Do you really think that eating some expensive imported berry can do anything against all that force that strangles testosterone?

Even if that berry is the healthiest food on Earth, it will do nothing, because 99% of the things you do are lowering your testosterone and the effects of a handful of berries can’t counteract that.

You must think globally, as the testosterone book states, this has to be a lifestyle, a counter attack on all fronts: diet, lifestyle and rest. If you think you can eat some “superfood” and get away with the same lifestyle that destroys your testosterone, you are going to have a bad time.

Besides that, I don’t really believe in “superfoods”, and this is why.

The myth of “superfoods”

You read an article about some new exotic food and they start listing so many benefits that you think, wow. This food has a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, it helps with many bodily processes… It’s practically a godsend. But in reality, it is a Marketing pitch. The truth is this, any healthy food, like meat, tomatoes, avocados and the like, is a superfood. If I start listing every benefit and every vitamin that meat or tomatoes have, I could fill a lot of articles. Meat is a powerhouse of vitamins, tomatoes too, they are full of antioxidants, etc… You can build an impressive marketing pitch about any healthy food, you can find studies about them where a lot of benefits are listed.

So the thing is this, Marketing wants to create superfoods because, that way, they can charge insane prices fir that berry, that oil or whatever it is.

In conclusion

  • No superfood is going to fix a bad diet and lack of exercise. Even if it’s the best thing on Earth, its power to increase testosterone will be small, compared to the power that you are exerting to lower your testosterone.
  • Any healthy food can be seen as a “superfood” if you start listing every benefit, every vitamin and every positive thing it has.
  • Those “superfoods” can help if you really increase your testosterone following a lifestyle, as a whole, that optimizes the hormone. If you have crappy levels because you don’t take care of yourself, it does not matter that the superfood is a real testosterone multiplier, because there is nothing to be multiplied.
  • If you can afford some berry from Brazil or some exotic oil, fine, if not, don’t sweat it. We tend to believe that exotic things from far away are better, but it’s just a myth. There is plenty of “super food” everywhere. We have had healthy levels of testosterone throughout history in every part of the world. We don’t need to be saved by some exotic fruit.

That’s my take on this topic, but of course, it’s your choice and your money.