The Testosterone Companion. The continuation of the Testosterone book with even more practical information to increase your testosterone naturally and according to science

From new practical tips and techniques to what’s practically the fountain of youth (no kidding)

I you have read the Testosterone Book, and you want to go further in your quest to increase naturally your testosterone, the Testosterone Companion is for you.

Due to the response and encouraged by the readers of the testosterone book I decided to release this second part, with things that were left out due to space or time reasons and with the most recent discoveries about increasing testosterone, some of them, believe me, quite impressive.

I finished the book, but I never finished researching so, as always, every bit of information in the Testosterone Companion is backed by science and has been proven. As always nothing is theory and there is no expensive supplements or strange external herbs or pills.

If you are here, you have read the testosterone book, or at least the testosterone report, so you know what to expect in this continuation (yes, I even slipped some more bad jokes, I just can’t help it) and you can download an excerpt below, with the complete table of contents and the first pages. And if you want to download the complete companion it’s only 4.99$, as you can see money is not the main motivator.

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What are the contents of the Testosterone Companion

This is what you will find inside the testosterone companion.

Leptin. The new hormone you have to manage to increase testosterone

Leptin is a master hormone, in fact it’s called the “commander in chief of hormones” because it influences almost any other hormone in the body, including testosterone, in the Testosterone Companion Leptin is, as always, clearly explained alongside the practical actions to optimize it to increase testosterone.

How to tap into the real “fountain of youth”

No kidding and no exaggeration, if there is a “fountain of youth” that repairs the body, rejuvenating it and optimizing leptin and testosterone in the process, is this. As always backed by science and best of all, 100% free, no need of pills and no new agey nonsense.

How to manage Prolactin and increase Testosterone

Prolactin is another substance that, when unbalanced, can lower testosterone. Problem is, it’s easily unbalanced due to modern life conditions. In the Testosterone Companion you can learn how to optimize Prolactin and increase testosterone with it.

The key to longer performance in sex

As you saw if you read the Testosterone Book, some things discovered in the researching process are too good to pass, even when they don’t have to do strictly with testosterone. One of those things is a real, and surprising key to longer performance and healing of premature ejaculation.

And in this case, it has to do with all of this and I bet your doctor doesn’t know even when scientific studies are unveiling it.

The key to give more orgasms (and faster) to women

Speaking of things too good to pass, here is another, the surprising and unknown thing that influence how many and how fast a women experiences an orgasm with a man. You can bet the scientist’s life is hard (no pun intended) with that kind of studies. And again, it has to do with your testosterone.

How to balance fats and Omega-3 in the testosterone diet

As you will know due to the testosterone book, an optimal diet for our beloved hormone is a high fat diet, the right kind of fat diet. Here we take a closer look to balance and optimize that.
More critical keys of the mind and testosterone connection

One of the most incredible parts of the testosterone book were the chapters about how our mind, beliefs and behavior influenced our testosterone levels.

New leading edge discoveries give more keys and they are, as always, clearly explained in the companion. Prepare again to be amazed: from social connections, to language and many more…

6 curious things you don’t know about testosterone

For example how a baby can influence your testosterone, or the surprising effect of music.

A many more things, like the answer to the most frequent questions I’ve received (tea & testosterone anyone?), a summary of all the practical tactics in the book, etc.

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