Sports that lower testosterone (and yes, I’m looking at you, running)

One of the most important things that you can do to naturally increase your testosterone is staying fit.

As stated in the testosterone book, if you want to be a warrior you must look like one. Because everybody wants to be a warrior but only few will do what’s necessary.

And what’s necessary is exercise. There is no other way of putting it.

But not all exercise is created equal, and not every sport will help to increase your testosterone levels, in fact, there are some sports that will drastically lower testosterone.

What are those testosterone killing sports?

Well, pretty much anything that you do too much, without proper periods of rest and recovery.

If you train too much, your cortisol levels will be chronically elevated. Cortisol, we must remember, is the “stress hormone”. Its role is to mobilize stored carbohydrates, catabolize proteins into glucose, and get those stored fats moving too.

Those are necessary mechanisms to deal with the stressor at hand, like that saber-tooth tiger in the old times or the effort that you are putting your body through now because, you know, summer is here again.

But chronically elevated levels of cortisol have a number of undesirable effects, one of them being low testosterone (and catabolic state where your muscle is broken down and fat is stored).

So the first order of the day is: don’t be a dumbass and don’t overtrain, something that is easier to do if you are not a twentysomething anymore.

But this has another bigger implication:

Those sports that demand constant and prolonged effort in order to be practiced, will whack your testosterone.

So we are talking endurance sports. And yes, I’m looking at you running.

The running craze, or how everybody is saying goodbye to his testosterone

Mark Twain said it best: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

Nowadays, there is some crazy running trend where everybody is running forever, everybody is talking about their times, get into every race that someone puts together and many of them think about marathons, tagging themselves as #marathonfinishers in social networks.

Well, newsflash: Nobody cares about your amateur running thing, in fact, your constant reminder that yes, you run, is annoying. And, by the way, the guy that did the first marathon fucking died at the end.

That should be a sign of not doing some things, but we are humans, going boldly where no one has gone yet is in our DNA, and that’s ok, but you will just say goodbye to your testosterone (and your knees) in the process.

I quote this study [1] (one of many that discovered the same):

“Endurance training may have significant effects on the male reproductive system. The evidence suggests endurance training significantly affects the major male reproductive hormone, testosterone. At rest, testosterone appears to be lower in the endurance-trained male than in the untrained male”.

Look at that last sentence. If you are practicing endurance sports, you will have lower testosterone that those who don’t even move from their sofas.

So, if you are going to become a zealous dumb about sports now, better if you do nothing. Extremism is never, ever, good in anything.

There is a sweet spot to exercise when we talk about testosterone, and that sweet spot is that you have to move because we are made to move and stay fit and muscular, and if you don’t your testosterone will be lower. But if you exert yourself too much, your are worsening everything.

So, running can be fine, running a lot is not.

Cycling, running forever, ultramarathons, spartan races and other occurrences made to compensate some complex or middle-age crisis (that you will never fix anyways) only will make things worse.

In fact, if your chosen venom is cycling, you are creating a double impact, because you are putting your testicles to more stress due to the pressure of sitting for hours on your bike.

¿The best exercise to increase testosterone? We will talk about it more thoroughly in the next days, but you have it explained in the testosterone book.

In the meantime, please, be smart, stop running, cycling or training forever and every day, because you will become a castrati.

Buy maybe that’s yout thing, I don’t judge.

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