The honest truth about increasing testosterone naturally

My goal with all of this information about increasing testosterone always has been to be honest, first and foremost.

But today I’m going to be brutally honest.

Recently, after publishing the ultimate free guide to increase your testosterone naturally, one Reddit user replied that if you have some medical condition, like hypogonadism, this won’t heal that, and you should see a doctor, start Testosterone Replacement Therapy, etc.

And I could not agree more.

In fact, that’s the first thing I always say, in the free guide and in the testosterone book. I won’t play doctor, no one but doctors should play that. And yes, as I said many times if some substance is not controlled and it’s sold freely anywhere, obviously it won’t have enough punching power to heal and revert serious medical conditions.

Increasing your testosterone naturally is not going to completely heal you if you suffer a serious condition like hypogonadism or testicular trauma, but that was never the goal.

If you are one of those with a serious condition, this will help, doing it will be a change for the better. But I really won’t play doctor, go to yours and get a prescription for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Never skip the white coats, although «big pharma» can be suspicious, I’m a firm believer in modern medicine and technology, I never thought that past times were necessarily better. So, if you are on one of those serious situations, with your prescription in your hand, follow what’s here, it will help.

I refuse to be one of those that thinks herbs and juices are better than modern remedies. I’m a firm believer in medicine and you should use it ASAP if your suffer from some condition.

Many men suffer from low testosterone and they do not suffer from a serious medical condition. Many men just ruined their testosterone because they eat crap, are stressed all the time and don’t move to save their lives.

And it’s getting worse due to environmental factors.

That silent majority will benefit greatly from the strategies outlined here and in the testosterone book.

And not, supplements and Testosterone Boosters won’t do shit either, although they promise heaven.

Again, we must employ our best judgment. If something is legal and freely sold, it won’t deliver results that can revert a medical condition.

The bottom line is one of the first lines of the testosterone book: go to see your doctor.