The biggest lie about increasing your testosterone

Testosterone and testosterone optimization is, without the shadow of a doubt, a territory full of myths, legends, and lies. Mainly because it’s a money making market for shady “businessmen” that play with the emotions of low testosterone men.

That’s why I wanted that the testosterone book had a solid scientific foundation, selecting only good replicated studies and sound methodologies. Because I was a victim of scams and I spent more money that I wanted in miraculous cures that were everything but real.

So, in the spirit of separating truths and myths, I would like to address the biggest lie of them all, no matter what happens, don’t believe this.

Testosterone can be increased by some lonely natural supplement not prescribed by doctors

We all like silver bullets, I get it, and the supplement companies know it too, that’s why they are constantly pushing testosterone boosters or some kind of Tibetan herb that will skyrocket your testosterone through the roof.

Truth is, if it has not to be prescribed by a doctor, and you can easily buy it, it just does not work.

Legal drugs are legal for a reason. Beside medical testosterone treatments and hormone replace therapies, not a single substance will put your testosterone in the highest attainable levels.

The human body is a complex machine, and when it breaks. If it’s not because some specific conditions (you hurt your testicles and they are damaged, for example) when you have low testosterone it’s due to a host of reasons: stress, crappy diet, you are not moving and you sleep poorly, so sooner or later, the amazing capabilities of our body to face that, stop working.

Recovery must be a lifestyle because those with high testosterone don’t pop a capsule full of some strange substance. They eat well, they sleep like babies and they tend to move and lift heavy things, resting and relaxing even harder.

Imagine that there is some non-controlled legal substance that has a significant effect in increasing testosterone… Well, it would not even matter, why? Because in this tug of war, that substance would try to increase testosterone, but if you don’t change your lifestyle, your trash diet, your lack of sleep and your lack of movement are on the other side of the game, pulling your testosterone to the bottom more strongly than that substance.

If you pour some sugar in the sea, you won’t make it sweet. Same happens if you put some little healthy substance in a sea of crappy habits and conditions, you won’t change them, it’s just not powerful enough.

And if there is something powerful enough, don’t worry, it would be a controlled substance.

Don’t believe the hype, if you want high testosterone forever, naturally, you must make it a lifestyle. It will be 100x more powerful that any expensive useless substance from the tropical jungle that someone tries to sell you.

In some situations, a supplement cocktail could help us. If you are zinc deficient, for example, zinc can be a big help, but only if you are deficient and only to an extent. They won’t push your testosterone into superhuman levels, they just help to restore balance.

Other miracle supplements work in other sneaky ways. They are sexual enhancers that are sold like testosterone boosters. Sometimes they work, you have a good erection and some sex and you think that you have recovered the testosterone level of your teenage years. But that’s not true. Sexual enhancement does not necessarily mean that your testosterone has been increased. Many supplements in this regard work with blood flow and nitric oxide levels, which are fine and dandy, but they are not related to high testosterone.

Low testosterone goes beyond erectile impairment.

Remember, don’t buy the lie, spend that money in fixing your lifestyle. Depending on the starting point, a full natural recovery may be a long game (although you will see positive effects in the short term also). Love the long game, love a victory that will stand the test of time.