About me and the testosterone book

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My name is Derek Moody and, as I say in the beginning of the testosterone report, coming clean is important, so it’s really a pen name.

This website exists because I suffered a very bad time with my testosterone, being too low, too soon and for all the wrong reasons that should not happen to any man, many of them were unknown to me and, unfortunately, very common and so sneaky that you don’t know they are having an effect on your testosterone.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has been (or is) there, and do you know the worst part?

Many of those reasons are avoidable, a by-product of our modern lifestyle that has programmed us with very misguided information about critical things.

But there is hope too, because low testosterone can be fixed in most cases, increasing it 100% naturally and without needing shady supplements or needles.

Searching for a solution I went deep into the rabbit hole (and I mean deep), learning and researching as much as I could. I’m not especially smart, but I’m obsessive, which is a burden sometimes and an ally in other situations, like this. Because, believe me, my obsession didn’t stop until she found the keys to the kingdom.

I devoured countless of research papers, books and information about testosterone and how it’s influenced by so many factors… I tried things, I experimented with myself, I navigated through some very shady issues… and finally I got the results I wanted, mainly doing the opposite things that we are constantly told.

And in the process I’m healthier than ever, with my motivation, drive and energy levels through the roof.

In that journey I discovered things that any man should know, always proven by science (I’m obsessive but I’m no idiot, not all the time at least, and I appreciate my body and my health).

Every man should know because testosterone is one of the main keys (if not the most critical) to our motivation, our masculine force, our physical and psychological well being and, as you probably know, our sex drive.

If you feel those traits are not what they used to be, probably testosterone is playing a role and you don’t even know it, so this is my little contribution, because it helped me (a lot) and it will help you too.

Oh, one more little thing, English is not my mother language, so you will see some typos here and there for sure, please be kind, I choose to write in English in order to reach more people.

That’s all for now, because, sincerely this is not about me, it’s about fixing problems.