How to increase your testosterone, naturally and according to science

If you want to increase your testosterone naturally, you are in the right place.

+ You can download a complete report (100% content, 0% marketing) about how to increase your testosterone levels without medications or shady supplements. That report is more complete than many books on the subject.

+ If you want, you can take a look at the Testosterone Book, with the most in-depth research about how to increase your testosterone naturally.

+ You will learn what really works and what’s proven by science (more than 30 studies referenced in the report, more than 130 studies referenced in the book).

+ Low testosterone? Low libido? Crappy mood and low drive? I was there, I fixed that naturally and here is how.

Get he Free testosterone report with all the basicsGet the testosterone Ebook with all you need to know

Low testosterone? Here is help, really

Hi, my name is Derek, I went through a very dark time because of low testosterone, and if you are there too you know it’s no fun. Low testosterone is one of the most devastating things you can experience, especially if you are a man.

But I overcame that, I did not stop until I searched hundreds of scientific studies about testosterone and how to increase testosterone naturally, I won that battle after struggling because of misguided common “healthy” advice, and this site is devoted to spreading how I made it.

You can download the testosterone report with all the basics, totally free, no strings attached and with real solid information about what increased my testosterone naturally, without sales letter bullshit or something like that.

And if you want to go deeper and support this project you can get the ebook for a bunch of bucks, you will discover many fascinating things, you will master the process of naturally increasing testosterone and, as always, everything is backed by science, with more than 130 studies referenced.

What you will learn about increasing testosterone

These are only some of the things you will find about testosterone (and increasing testosterone) in the book:

+ Knowledge based only in scientific studies, and 100% natural. No risky drugs or something like that.

Not economic interest or unproven theories. More than 130 studies are referenced and support what really boost testosterone and what lowers the levels (and many things we are doing hinder our hormone without knowing it).

+ What’s the diet and lifestyle that will boost, naturally, your testosterone, keeping a healthy hormonal level.

Hint: many things you are eating and doing are greatly lowering your testosterone, and many of them are widespread “healthy” advice (that it’s not even healthy at all).

+ What’s the real truth about those expensive supplements that promise to increase your testosterone.

And not only the conclusions are backed by real, non manipulated, scientific studies, but I don’t have any economic interest in any of that, so you can rest assured that I don’t lie or hide anything about the issue.

+ What’s the fascinating, and unknown, relationship between your mind, and your levels of testosterone.

Your mind, your thoughts, your behavior influence your testosterone. And this is not some “new age nonsense” or “magical mumbo jumbo”, this, as always in the book, is backed by scientific studies and results.

+ What’s the real relationship between sex, testosterone and…

Brace yourself, how testosterone has a huge influence in the chances of getting laid or finding a partner. And I could not believe that either when I learned about it, thanks to some fascinating and unknown scientific studies.

+ How to battle the many things that are present in our modern lifestyle and diminish testosterone.

I bet you are using right now at least three of four of them, and I’m not kidding.

Oh, and…

Did you know you can enhance your sexual performance without viagra, levitra or something like that?

Having the same effectiveness with no cost or side effects whatsoever?

I thought it was b.s. too until I saw the scientific proof, and no, your doctor is not going to tell you, probably he does not even know it and, for sure, the labs don’t want you to know it, so you keep paying a lot for the pills.

Did you know these things about testosterone?

+ Testosterone is not only what determines your sex drive (and performance) but greatly influences your whole drive and motivation?

+ Average testosterone levels are lowering every year (1% lower), so we are less men than our fathers and grandfathers (when you read the book you won’t be surprised this is happening).

+ Many widespread “healthy” advice about exercising and eating are greatly lowering your levels of testosterone? (And in fact it’s not even healthy or effective advice at all?).

+ That testosterone levels and hormonal balance influence how much muscle you gain and how much fat you lose?

In fact your hormonal profile will be more influential than diets and exercise, you can be on those silly low fat diets and get fat, ruining your testosterone in the process, I assure you that, and you will see it in the results of many studies referenced in the testosterone report and the testosterone book.

I did not know any of that, and I learned it when researching to increase my levels of testosterone, after discovering that my lack of drive, concentration and sexual performance (at a young age) was related to testosterone.

I put together all the pieces and I can tell you, after optimizing testosterone I’m stronger and healthier than ever, I have again burning motivation and passion about everything and I even look younger.

I can tell you, every man should know this, in fact every person should know it because healthy testosterone levels are equally important to women. In fact, after countless epiphanies and “a-ha” moments my first thought was that everyone should know more about testosterone, it’s critical to our well being, and you don’t have to burn your eyelids searching and reading unknown and boring scientific studies, or even pay a penny, you can download the testosterone report and increase your levels of testosterone naturally, without drugs, supplements or anything like that.

And if you want to know more and go deeper into the rabbit hole, mastering your testosterone levels and securing them, no matter your age, you can purchase the e-book for a few bucks, not only you will discover some of the most fascinating things you ever read, but you will support this project too, and you will have my eternal gratitude.

All the best.


Get he Free testosterone report with all the basicsGet the testosterone Ebook with all you need to know

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  1. Saw that you did see the extra content when you clicked the buy the book link. In my opinion you should put all that stuff on the frontpage

  2. Hi Jesper:

    Thanks for the suggestion, probably I will do it, and feel free to share anything about the report or the book.

    All the best.


  3. Read the report and the e-book. must say very impressed, I’v been involved in diet and training (gym mainly) for about the last 15/20 years to stay in shape (i’m male, 54 years) so it kinda makes sense. I’ll try this out for the next 3 weeks (the diet mainly.)

    Will report back around the 30th July.


  4. DEAR SIR OR MADAM: There are some capsules on the web which aim to stamp out the amount of estrogen in men. I always assumed a man’s body, for some reason, needs a small supply of this estrogen, rather like the way a woman’s body, full of estrogen, needs a little bit of testosterone. Now, what would happen if we men had testosterone only and NO ESTROGEN in our bodies? Would we become more manly or butch or what? Would effeminate men become masculine in every way? I, personally, would like a more mannish voice, even to the point of singing like Paul Robeson. I am really keen to know.
    DATE: WED-26-10-2011.

    • I always cringe when some capsules on the web promise things like that, I doubt very much they can reduce estrogens to zero, we, men, need them too, not in large quantities but we need them, so if they wipe out ALL the estrogen, the person will have trouble.

      Problem is that modern western diets and lifestyle increase estrogen too much (and not the good kind of estrogen), but zero is not the solution.

      Anyway, I would stay away from that, vocal projection exercises would be much better with no secondary effects.

      All the best.


  5. Hello there, simply turned into aware of your blog thru Google, and found that it is really informative. I?m gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in future. A lot of other folks will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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